November 5th.....

Well bonfire night has come and gone this was the first year I decided to go out and photograph the fireworks didn't know where to start so always a good source of information I headed to the internet searched 'firework photography' so many different opinions on correct settings etc.... 

Off I went thinking I know where to go it'll be quiet and I'll get a great view and hopefully some great photo's .... Bell's bridge bound I went as I got there I was thinking this great quiet then I heard BANG!! looked round and saw some teenagers in the distance with a roaring fire letting off some fireworks, so as I had time opened my bag of tricks tripod out camera set up and what better way to get some practice in... see the results for yourself  

Urban Works

Off I went to where I wanted to take my photo's arrived at Bell's bridge to find about 30 others had the same idea !!! thought to myself what do I do now these guys n gals all look like they know what they are doing all sorts of expensive equipment fancy tripods, top of the range cameras felt a bit intimidated but I was there for the same thing as them and set about getting my kit ready, tripod out set it up to realise it wasn't tall enough to clear the safety rail, what do I do now I said to myself, is anyone looking ... quick thinking I reset the height to fit between the rails ...felt a sense of achievement .... next a few set up shots to get my setting right, next the show ... great view through Glasgow's famous Squinty bridge here we go the fireworks started I adjusted my settings throughout the show looking in the viewfinder to see if they were any good.

A young Chinese student here at Uni asked me during the display what settings he should be using as he didn't know I tried my best to tell him what I was using and that it was a bit trial and error for me, hopefully his came out well, felt good someone asking me for advice 

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Fireworks over the Squinty Bridge

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Street Photography

A starter or should I say .....lunch 

I feel this photograph says a lot about what I try to do with my street photography I go out looking for opportunities that I used to as most do walk by and either don't see or don't give a second thought. 

This can of Irn Bru and fag butt were stuck in the corner of the arch way in Nelson Mandela Square, hundreds walked by not even giving it a glance 

I thought to myself its well publicised  that the Scottish diet is not too good, well what better proof than seeing 'lunch' in the city. 

What do you think, have you seen some odd lunches on your journey ? feel free to let me know, add your comments


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