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Glasgow based guy with a passion for photography

Photography for me has been an escape from the rat race and over the years my I have honed my skills and developed my own style

For me you don't have to have the latest and best of gear to shoot a good image, how you use what you have and what you see is what matters 

I've had work published in various newspapers and magazines

Always learning, always looking for new experiences 

The past few years have been very difficult, but there's some light now at the end of the tunnel, be safe and embrace life 

All of my work is available for purchase from my website, I use only the best lab in the UK for printing namely Loxley Colour

If you'd like to work with me, get in touch, if you like my work please do leave a comment or two and share my website around it would be much appreciated 

Contact details:

Using the contact form on my website or alternatively 

Email: johnmccarneyphoto@gmail.com

Tel: 07766058481

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