Which chapter

Where better to start than with January.

January for me is usually a quiet month, where I plan (or try to) what i'd like to achieve in the year, where I see my photography going (or not), won't kid you on it's a struggle, a struggle i had at that time persevered with for over four years....so this year in my mind was make or break ....

For various reasons I didnt go out much photographing, the vision was there but the application was amiss, anyways I saw that mid January STORM was coming to Glasgow !!!

Now storm was not a storm as such .... STORM was a giant puppet created by Vision Mechanics in response to the climate crisis, which was brought to Glasgow in conjunction with the Celtic Connections annual festival in the city.

What a sight to behold watching this giant being puppeteered through the city to its destination at the steps of the Royal Concert Hall.

Starting Clydeside on a blue sky Sunday morning a small crowd had gathered to see this beast start it's over 2 hour journey.

More and more people joined on route as STORM slowly made its way through the city ....

A sight to behold and I thought WOW as i photographed this magnificent piece of engineering as it stomped through Glasgow, hoping that my images would do it justice

Who was to know this wasn't the only storm to come our way .............


More rumblings now around the world about this Coronavirus thing that surfaced in China at the turn of the year, we saw lots of news reports about what was going on in Wuhan China, but it was ok it was just like watching a movie, it was happening elsewhere in the world and according to Boris we were ok here in the UK, we had adequate controls in place to ensure what was happening in Wuhan wouldn't happen here....phew thank god for that we all said ..........Little did we know

On the photography front ...........very, very, slow ...well that's a lie it was dead !! I still had the website ...a few sales that was something......just waiting for that one break !!!

I did get out and about a few times, trying to get my creative energy to come to life ....there was a rumbling .....

It was good to get out at night, the streets were busy, the light trails were amazing as the cars zoomed past, lighting up the motorways with their light ....

Need to do more of this I said to myself .

Speed of Light

March arrives. 

 Country is in meltdown, we have entered 'lockdown' a new word that we will think every day for the forceable future ....

What is emerging by the day is just like the storyline from the Stephen Sonderbergh movie CONTAGION !!! surreal doesn't even come close.

The press written/social and TV are in a fenzy pumping out by the second armaggeden like soundbites and headlines, doom and gloom, scaremongering ....turning us this social species that inhabits this world into solitary, suspicious, scared creatures, who have been told by our leaders to stay in our dens and only to venture out for food.

We cannot visit family,friends or go to work, unless yourwork is essential, what is essential?  .....what is there to do but to be glued to the news on TV or radio, further turning  us human, social beings into solitary, wary, scared beings who can do nothing but try to protect those close to us.

We become suspicious of everyone outside our own den, twitching the curtains to see who is going into a neighbours breaking all the rules we have been told we MUST follow or face presecution or death if we caught this contagion known as COVID-19         

April, the month's name is derived from aperire (latin) meaning 'to open' .....ironic that everything is closed.

The streets are silent, the roads are clear, you see someone on the street and you think what are they doing out, are they up to no good? .........no their just out to get 'essentials' from the supermarket (must have's this month face masks a staple/ 1st on the shopping list for most now....not to forget other essentials like toilet roll can never have enough!!!)

Photographywise I worked a couple of projects for myself 1st entitled Transmission where i captured the streets as they were capturing the silence ....

The 2nd came about as all the shops/pubs, hospitality in general were told to shut at short notice ...some left as they were some tidied ready for opening whenever that would be this one was called Through the looking glass for me these are my documentation of this time for hopefully others to look back on 

Where is everyone


The 5th month of the year and this is us going into our 2nd full month of lockdown, atleast we could go out for exercise one a day ......We are now imprisoned in our own homes, our own towns.......is this the right thing to do? ...who knows

Seems like this is never ending, the news is all about the virus, it's drummed into us daily as the economy and mental health of our good country flounders, waiting on handouts from a UK government to allow our parliment try and help those in need.

Kim Jong Un made an appearence at a ribbon cutting ceremony (who gives a fuck, but it was in the news)

The big news if anything could be bigger than CV was the murder of George Floyd in the USA ...

At home it's getting to the stage where we are all ready to scream.....                     



The month summer begins, no new deaths recorded in Scotland since March attributed to Covid, is this the light at the end of the tunnel or another false dawn.

Lockdown starts to ease, some shops re open, travel companies report record bookings !! YES !!!

Here we go ....normality ....or is it? 

Following the death of George Floyd in America the Black lives matter movement explodes across the world where demo's are held across the globe in protest not just for the tragic killing of George and against the police brutality and racially motivated attacks on the black community by police but for racial equality ...FFS folks its the 21st century ....WE ARE ALL HUMAN BEINGS 

In Glasgow on June 7th their was a rally held (i'll call it a rally because I find the word or use of the word demonstration to be aggressive) in Glasgow Green where people of all colours came to listen and learn and be together, showing solidarity 

I captured this rally through my lens....



We started the month with news that the wearing of face masks was to become mandatory in Scotland within shops, the scientists and politicians have spent months debating the benefits of face coverings....you couldnt write this lol ....just bloody wear them what harm could they do ffs ...so Nicola Sturgeon bit the bullet, fed up waiting on the blunder that is Boris making a decision.

But still folks wouldn't wear them saying they had a medical condition not to ....in most cases that condition was STUPIDITY.

The government made it too easy for folks not to comply with this and with a lot of other 'asks' in my opinion if it's that serious and needed make it law and ensure enforcement.

On the photography front I actually fitted in a couple of shoots with the fantastic Jazzle Dazzle Dance School.

Pollok Park

The Necropolis

This was a recharge your batteries moment for me, much needed and when I saw the kids much needed for them too ....

1 Ella

Hrer we are in August now, 8th month of the year and the 5th month of virus lockdown.

Its also the month where you can capture fantastic sunsets if your a lover of nyctophilia

The Scottish football season starts, a new way to watch football, buy a season ticket and the club will allow you to watch a stream for 'free' a good play on words considering season ticket holders are paying through the nose for this 'free' service, or you could pay a minimal fee and watch pay for go ........still its a choice 

On the Virus front seems to be the same old story, we see 'concern' 'worried' being used by the govt looks like more stringent measures required in this police state sorry country !!!

We also had demonstartions (friendly) around the country by NHS staff, clapping on a Thursday is all well and good  and the UK govt did give them all a badge for their great work but a payrise is whats needed hence the demo's ....

Sliding in there under the radar was the BBC ending free TV licenses for the over 75's, a reduced number of over 75's granted due to Covid.........

As night falls

Ahhh September,

Focus recently has been on kids, getting them and keeping them in school for their learning and mental health, a personal opinion what about everyone's mental health, lots of people forgotten and just getting on with it, focus should be on everyone not the few (agree/disagree cool, it's my opinion)

We are getting back to where we were in March/April ...more restrictions, Govt's just seem to be playing a game restrictions, restrictions, restrictions ...they don't bloody work, hasn't the past 6 months told you that and one of the reasons they dont work is because firstly they don't go far enough and secondly the ones you put in place you dont police ...just playing games to the detriment of business and people's health ....those who ignore the govt's words continue to ignore, those who see those ignoring start in part doing their own things and you do still have those who follow bit not enough ....

I'm renaming  September 'Limbo' because thats what it feels like the month of limbo in limboland 

Apologies another chance to show another of my image sets.... Click


October the 2nd month of Autumn, the 7th month of restrictions.

Trump get Covid ( not one to wish ill on people but .....)                                                                                                                                                                   UK and devolved countries still failing to get a handle on Covid, thats what happens when you don't enforce your 'recommendations' and what you've put into law

Wandering around Glasgow looks like the hearts been ripped out of the place, few people going about their business, but what you see most are the homeless and the junkies, homeless huddled in the closed shop doorways wrappen in a sleeping bag if their lucky and the junkies, shouting and fighting staggering into the abyss that is the streets of Glasgow

Very quiet except for the sirens of the police and ambulances as they race around the streets 

Very much another 'been here before' month with no end in sight..... THE NEW ABNORMAL                


Home straight to the end of the year, as virus the govt tell us virus cases are on the rise there's rumbling on the press that we are to get some freedom around Christmas .....is that right?

As if the restrictions already forced upon us and with the amount of rules/guidelines and new laws which are confusing or can be confusing are churned out by those in authority and through the press we now have a new 5 teir system on top of this ....is it any wonder folks dont follow the rules, not making excuses for these people but the way these rules or whatever you want to call them are given to us it makes it easy for people to divert and come up with their own take on them.

How can you expect the masses to follow rules and guidelines when you only brief the headlines in a daily brief and post them on the govt website ....can you be sure everyone see's, digests and understands these?

As you walk around the city turn into George Square there is a glow of light, ever changing light emitting from the City Chambers .......Christmas is just around the corner     

And finally December

Freedom for Christmas !!! Govt announce 5 day Christmas binge, but stay at home, stay safe and don't meet anyone......theme throughout the year mixed messages, nothing new there.

Vaccine is being deployed, the elation and cheer when this was announced has died down......and to save the govt's face miracullasly a new MUTANT strain up to 70% more contagious is running amok across the country ....really?

Governments in the UK now have something to allow them to reverse their Christmas freedom allowance, must be bad London is put into tier 4 won't be long until the rest of England is in it too, can't have the centre of the universe being lockdown if the rest aren't right !

In Scotland we continue along our merry way all in our own wee tier 4, the same folks still ignoring the lockdown rules, minimal policing... will we ever learn !

Hearing some folks being stopped on the roads by police and asked where their going and having to prove that they are going to work, seemingly they should all ahve a letter from their employer ....all good police are policing as the govt said they should ....brilliant ...but wait a minute flights still arriving in Scotlands airports from everywhere !! who's arriving? where are they going? who are they seeing? no need to worry they have all been asked to self isolate, we have nothing to worry about ....right? 

Brexit get's agreed with the EU, phew down to the last minute, just in time regardless of what it entails, a movie script writer couldn't have done it any better (checking to see if Sam Mendes is employed by Boris)

Christmas has come and gone quiet for some but not for others

New year is upon us and another vaccine announced for introduction from early January ...announced on the same day as the Brexit agreement is going through parliment...coincidence?

Matt Hancock tells us all we will be free come March .............heard that before 

signing off with this ditty ...

May next year bring an end to this pandemic and the beginning of a 'not-so-normal' lifestyle in which we finally decide it is time to build a fairer, more inclusive and sustainable society.

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